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Images from Jingle

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Frank Sala is the founder of Cat Gate Graphics. He lives in the Green Mountains of southern Vermont, where he devotes his time to his three main passions—graphic design, gardening, and caring for the cats and kittens at Second Chance Animal Center in Arlington.


After surviving both a heart attack and stroke, Frank found himself embarking on a journey to heal the early trauma underlying both of those conditions. With his verbal communication temporarily impaired, his expression burst forth in the flowing images of fantasy, emotion, pain, horror, and deliverance that eventually become Burglar in My Body. 


Frank has two graphic novels in the works—Emily has a Beautiful Garden explores the plight of a woman facing devastating loss who discovers boundless joy from some very unexpected sources, while Jingle recounts the life of man who could not stop singing to himself as a child, and explores the healing power of sound, and the sometimes tragically errant nature of memory.

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Images from Emily has a Beautiful Garden

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Images from Burglar in My Body

Other works

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